Coffee junkies watch out! With the coffee diet you can easily lose weight

Coffee junkies watch out! With the coffee diet you can easily lose weight

Coffee is always a good idea - because whether in the early morning or on a date with your best friend, coffee simply tastes good on every occasion, gently brightens your mood and has a brilliant wake-up effect, without which we sometimes wouldn't even get out of bed. And it goes even better: Coffee lets - and this is scientifically confirmed - also the kilos fall. So effectively, in fact, that an entire diet has now been developed around the fragrant beverage, with which it's easy to lose weight and every coffee junkie gets his money's worth.


A diet that revolves around delicious coffee - the basics first 


The coffee diet was developed by American physician Dr. Bob Arnot in 2017. The doctor was able to identify a connection between coffee consumption and weight loss in various studies, but also linked the drink to improved health and a resulting longer life.

In line with the scientific findings, the physician then published a book called "The Coffee Lover's Bible", which explains exactly how you can lose weight with coffee and enjoy the special health benefits. The basis of this diet is, of course, coffee! According to the medical expert, 720 milliliters should be consumed daily, which corresponds to about three cups.

However, coffee addicts can also drink more, Dr. Arnot does not set any upper limit, provided that the amount is tolerated without any problems. However, there are two rules you should follow when preparing coffee: On the one hand the expert advises to do without sugar, milk or cream, in order to save unnecessary calories. On the other hand, you should opt for a light coffee roast, as this contains more antioxidants (so-called polyphenols) and increases the health-promoting effect.

Lose weight: more rules of the coffee diet 


Drink coffee and lose weight? Unfortunately, that would be a little too easy, so you should adjust your entire diet during the diet. It is recommended to eat a balanced and clean diet without industrially processed foods. Instead of refined carbohydrates (keyword: white flour) to eat, much fresh vegetable, fruits, healthy oils, whole grain products as well as high-quality protein stands on the food plan. While this may be designed according to one's own ideas, one should replace a meal with a homemade green smoothie as well as adhere to a limit of 1,500 calories per day. These rules are essential to achieve the dream weight, because coffee can not work miracles - but still support weight loss positively.


According to science: This is how coffee helps you lose weight


Coffee wakes you up, increases concentration, fights free radicals thanks to its high polyphenol content (which in turn inhibits inflammation as well as the growth of cancer cells) and promotes the weight loss process. According to research, this is mainly due to three reasons, which we explain in detail here: 

1. weight loss reason - coffee boosts metabolism:
Recent studies prove that coffee facilitates weight loss and helps burn more calories. The reason for this is probably the caffeine it contains.

2. weight loss reason - coffee improves fat burning:
The study already mentioned in point #1 was also able to find out that coffee is a real fat burner drink. When the subjects doubled their caffeine consumption, they not only reduced their weight, but also their body fat percentage by 17 to 28 percent. Researchers even suspect that coffee makes workouts more effective, since more fat is burned for the same amount of effort as soon as caffeine is flowing through our veins.

3. weight loss basic coffee inhibits appetite:
According to science, coffee reduces appetite and thus helps to consume fewer calories throughout the day. So it is easy to lose weight without starving. However, this effect is only valid if you drink the coffee just before a meal. For dinner, however, it is better to do without the espresso - no more caffeine should be consumed six hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disturbances.


Conclusion: Is the coffee diet really useful?


The coffee diet shows that the drink is more than a mere wake-up call. Thanks to healthy antioxidants coffee promotes our health, the caffeine also pushes metabolism, fat burning and inhibits our appetite. Nevertheless, coffee is not a miracle drink that will make us slim in just a few days - anyone who seriously wants to lose weight with this diet should pay attention to a healthy, calorie-reduced diet and, in the best case, go to the gym regularly.

Even after the end of the diet to avoid the insidious yo-yo effect. So the coffee diet is quite reasonable as well as effective, as long as you are willing to change your lifestyle a little, in addition to three cups of black coffee. Finally, it is important to always listen to your body: If you can't tolerate caffeine or simply overdo it, you can quickly feel the unpleasant side effects of coffee, which can range from depressive moods, sleep disorders to stomach aches. At the latest then you should better choose another diet.  

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